Real Estate

Here at Smith, Smith, Montgomery & Chamberlain, LLC, we understand the complexities involved in dealing with real estate. Over the years, our team has gathered the knowledge required to complete real estate transactions as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The goal of our team is to relieve the burden of stress from you when dealing with your real estate transaction.

Closing a real estate transaction is not as simple as signing a few pieces of paper. In a real estate transaction, closing is the most important step. Without properly completing this process, you will not gain ownership of the property. Smith, Smith, Montgomery & Chamberlain, LLC, will prevent you from having to worry about a fallout in this vital step.

Title Evidence
Having a title insurance policy or an attorney's certificate of title may not be required for every transaction, but having the right evidence of title helps protect you from complications that can occur in real estate transactions. Our team will assist you in selecting and providing the right evidence of title.

Real Estate Litigation
Our attorneys are well-trained and experienced in matters involving real estate litigation. We can advise you as to your rights, claims, defenses, and the possible scenarios that might follow in real estate litigation matters.

Contracts and Contract Development (Purchases, Sales, and Leases)
The complex language of contracts can make them difficult to understand. Signing a contract without understanding its contents can have disastrous and unnecessary consequences. Our attorneys will assist you with contract review and drafting so you will know what you are signing.

LLCs, Corporations, Trusts, Partnerships, and other Entities
Real estate transactions are even more complex when different forms of legal entities are involved. Regardless of whether your property is owned by you individually, or by another legal entity, our team has the experience required to provide the guidance you need.

Tax Deferred Exchange
Our firm assists clients in coordinating tax deferred exchanges (often referred to as a 1031 exchange). These transactions can be complicated and time consuming. We can assist you in coordinating your tax deferred exchange sale and purchase.